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Brooker's 100% Grass Fed Ribeye Steak

Best Rib Eye Steaks you have tasted! Juicy and tender.

  • Average 0.65lbs steaks
  • 100% Grass-Fed beef and Grass Finishes
  • Prime rib cut with the bone removed
  • A juicy, succulent steak – the preferred flavour favourite among steak aficionados!
  • Local Ontario raised, all-natural, no animal bi-product/raised without hormones or antibiotic
  • $26.99/lb

Natural Meat raised just as nature intended,  on farms run by local Ontario families. All animals are allowed to pasture freely on the food that they were designed to eat. This means that cattle eat grass exclusively. The farmers also practice planned pasturing, which rotates the cattle from field to field to prevent overgrazing. The surrounding land also has a strict no pesticide policy, which guarantees the animals are eating a chemical-free diet. Also, because the animals are able to eat what nature intended we do not need to use any antibiotics and can guarantee fully antibiotic-free meat. Lastly, the animals are raised to maturity naturally without the use of growth hormones.

Trussler’s Pantry works with Brooker’s Natural Meat bringing Northern Ontario quality meat that we can trust. All of Brooker’s meat products are processed from provincially inspected plants. Consumers can rest assured that Ontario has one of the most comprehensive provincial meat inspection systems in Canada.


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Brooker's 100% Grass Fed Ribeye Steak