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Healtea ResetTea Peppermint+Dandelion

RESETTEA is an infusion made from peppermint and dandelion. Peppermint is fresh and invigorating while dandelion is considered diuretic. The combination of these two herbs helps your body to reset itself.
Suggestions for use
Fresh and invigorating, this infusion is ideal for food or alcohol abuse. It help uplift you without the caffeine crash.
You can drink this infusion hot or cold, simply warm it in a saucepan or drink it at room temperature.
300 ml.
Shelf life and storage
Store in the pantry at room temperature. See the expiry date on the product.

Ingredients: Water, organic lemon juice, organic peppermint infusion, organic dandelion leaf infusion, organic maple syrup.

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Healtea ResetTea Peppermint+Dandelion