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Healtea ThirstTea Nettle+Rosemary

THIRSTTEA is an infusion of nettle and rosemary. Nettle, known for its multiple benefits, is a natural electrolyte filled with minerals to keep us hydrate naturally. Rosemary is an aromatic plant used to oxygenate the blood system and is good for memory. The combination of these two herbs keeps you hydrated. Tastes just like iced tea but better!

Suggestions for use

This herbal infusion contains natural electrolytes and quenches thirst. Thirsttea is ideal for cooling off, to hydrate, for athletes, and for hot days.

You can drink this infusion hot or cold, simply warm it in a saucepan or drink it at room temperature.


300 ml.

Shelf life and storage

Store in the pantry at room temperature. See the expiry date on the product.

Ingredients: Water, organic lemon juice, organic nettle infusion, organic rosemary infusion, organic maple syrup.

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Healtea ThirstTea Nettle+Rosemary