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Kitchen Accomplice Bone Broth 12oz

  • Good source of protein in a low calorie format
  • Loaded with antioxidants, rich in minerals
  • 24 month shelf life before opening, lasts 6 months in the fridge after opening
  • Makes 14 cups of broth
  • Easy to store, simple to use, just add to water, stir and enjoy


Great tasting Organic Beef Bone Broth from a company that has been producing Culinary Grade® broth for over 25 years. Have delicious healthy Beef Bone Broth in an instant!

Ingredients: Beef Broth* (Made from Grass Fed Beef Bones* and Water), Maltodextrin*, Sea Salt, Carrot Stock*, Caramel Color*, Beef Fat*, Tapioca Starch*, Celery Stock*, Natural Flavors, Onion Stock*, Yeast Extract.


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Kitchen Accomplice Bone Broth 12oz