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Pretend Tan Sheer Shimmer Oil 60ml

SHEER SHIMMER OIL is an exquisitely fragrant, voluptuous body oil infused with bronze shimmer to deepen your tan and add a succulent, to-die-for glow to your skin. This product is suitable for all skin types.

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • 100% Natural Oil
  • Free from Synthetics
  • Free from Preservatives
  • Free from Emulsifiers



Tahitian monoi oil is a traditional preparation used by tropical island women to beautify and soften the skin. Tiare fl owers (Tahitian gardenia) are infused in raw coconut oil which absorbs their succulent, sweet yet delicate aroma and gently perfumes the skin. Blended with the perfect bronze shimmer, pretendTAN Sheer Shimmer Oil is a luxurious treatment to extend the life of your tan and add that perfect sun-kissed glow.


Sheep Shimmer Oil is your go-to product when you want to help enhance the beauty of your Pretend Tan, or go for a natural bronze glow. Since Sheer Shimmer Oil is a 100% natural oil, free from any synthetics, preservatives or emulsifiers, it is natural for the bronze shimmer to settle to the bottom of the oil. Simply shake the bottle to incorporate the bronze shimmer with the oil and it’s ready to apply.

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Pretend Tan Sheer Shimmer Oil 60ml