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Trussler’s Pantry was established in May of 2014 by Kara Trussler.  The Pantry opened with the concept to bring healthy foods to our family and our Northern community.
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Inspired and created by Kara Trussler. Our Pantry/Harvest is AWESOME and offers quality foods that are nutritional, allergy-friendly, gluten-free, organic and non-GMO. With our ever-expanding network of organic farmers, we offer an AMAZING program called the “ORGANIC HARVEST”. Our program is designed and created to offer certified organic availability to NorthEastern Ontario. Trussler’s Pantry is very passionate about eating clean and now we can share that with our community and keep farmers farming. FRESH, LOCAL, ORGANIC produce delivered right to your door.

Who We Are

Healthy, Quality & Reliable

Trussler’s Pantry was established in May of 2014 by Kara Trussler. The Pantry opened with the concept to bring healthy foods to our family and our Northern community. Living in Northern Ontario in a rural area and raising 4 children it became quite evident that it’s a lot of work, time, and energy to resource Certified Organic, Fresh, Local Foods, and grass-fed meats in our area. I was driving far and wide to bring good food and products back to our home, most of our vacations were spent doing groceries and bringing them home. As a mother of 4, my desire is to feed my family healthy, fresh, and toxic-free foods so that my children and family remain healthy for years to come. I wanted that kind of availability so I set out to make it happen. This idea already went hand in hand with the job that I was already doing.

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Trussler’s Pantry was established in May of 2014 by Kara Trussler. The Pantry opened with the concept to bring healthy foods to our family and our Northern community.

Fitness Is In Our Blood

Master Fitness Instructor

As a Master Fitness Instructor and a health enthusiast of 12 years, teaching others how to eat right and take care of their bodies was something I had already been doing. As I taught others to live healthy lifestyles I realized there is a lack of healthy foods and organic foods in our area. In the Trussler family both my daughter, Amettaia, and I are celiacs so the need to keep a clean gluten-free diet was also challenging. And that is where the pantry started.

We built a small addition in our home and made some shelving from our very own birch trees bought 2 freezers and placed our first order. It started by sharing our foods with personal training clients, people from my fitness classes, friends, and family. We soon built a website so that we could share it with others. Kara continues to teach fitness classes, helping her community stay active and healthy!

” It’s my favorite thing in the world to push and encourage others to be the best they can be and to always know you can ALWAYS push a little harder than you think.”  Kara Trussler

Through this journey, I have met some AMAZING people and now work with a local farmer just down the road from us who shares the same passion as we do. He is a Certified Organic Farmer. With fresh food nearby we created a program called the Organic Harvest, the program connects people like you with farm fresh organic foods delivered to your door all season long. As a child my husband and his family were farmers, they farmed the very land we live on from 1980 and on.

After purchasing our land and having farming background it was clear that I wanted to do something that would utilize our farm as well as filling a need in our community. Trussler’s Pantry is working with Farmers to help them continue to produce clean healthy foods for our community while helping people connect to their food.

People have also forgotten, and perhaps never knew, where their food comes from and how it gets from farm to table and this is something we are very passionate about educating others. Farming is not easy and it comes with a lot of work, trials, and frustrations, some of us won’t even experience a quarter of the work that farmers do in our lifetime. So there it began, passion, desires, and lifestyle choices created what we now call Trussler’s Pantry.

We look forward to offering quality foods to our community and help raise awareness of ORGANIC farming and GMO-free foods. We support our local farmers who also farm ecologically and organically.


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Trussler's Farm


Trussler’s Farm is an established farm, producer, and distributor of Birch Syrup since 2014, small animal breeders, local food retailers, and community and farm events presenters. Our all-around goal is to keep people connected to the land, food, and animals and create events that keep our communities thriving.


Our passion is to promote local, healthy food and a healthy lifestyle with a beautiful balance of work and family and we are able to achieve this with our Farm. It all began 10 years ago when Joe and Kara married and purchased the very farm that Joe grew up on. Joe was raised on the farm and his parents ran and operated a sizeable organic farm that sustained their own food as well as selling it within their local communities.


Joe’s passion for farming and Kara’s passion for health and wellness started them on their new farm adventure which has led to Birch Syrup production, Haunted Halloween Hayrides, Farm tours, working with local certified organic farmers, creating a program called the Organic Harvest, breeding of purebred dwarf Netherland bunnies/Dwarf Holland Lop bunnies, and caring for Nigerian purebred goats and a miniature donkey.

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