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All year round we provide quality certified organic produce and fruits delivered right to your door with 7 acres of land provide our Harvest program.
What Is Organic Harvest?

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Everything in our boxes is certified organic which means it is free of toxins, unnatural substances, and cancer-causing carcinogens. We are situated where there are no other farms on-site to contaminate our organics = True Organics. Clean food is the most important thing that we can do for ourselves and our loved ones and that is why 5 years ago I set out on a mission to have that available here in the North. It’s been a long road but we are finally starting to see others putting their health and community first. Support Local foods and support organic agriculture, it’s the only way of the future.

I have people asking how is it local in the winter? You would be surprised how much local produce is in your bin during the coldest time of the year. Here at the Harvest, our number one priority is to get you the food that is grown closest to home. There are realities to growing in our cold climate (Ontario), this means that during the winter months vegetables we are not able to get will be sourced globally. Our selection varies according to times of the year, example during Christmas and New Year it is much harder to access Ontario foods as most growers take time off during this time. Fruit in the winter months is brought in from Canadian Certified Organic growers and Global Fairtrade Farmers. The following list is produce you will receive from right here in Matheson all winter long. The second list is what goes in your bin from Certified Organic growers in Southern Ontario (southern Ontario have longer growing season and greenhouses all year round). Keep in mind if Peppers from Ontario are not available we will source them globally so that you continue to get a beautiful assortment of Certified Organic Veggie all year round.

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Our program is focused on always choosing LOCAL organic sources first. In the summer months this is very easy all of our produce is sourced from right here. In the Winter months it can be challenging but over the years we have worked hard to ensure a LARGE ORGANIC variety that can not be beat, we continue to choose local.


Spend a little more today and save thousands in the future. Canadians have gotten very used to buying cheap, highly processed food, which can make healthier organic food seem more expensive than it actually is. Sure it’s less expensive to buy a store-brand bag of chips or a conventional bag of apples, but in the long run, your health will suffer. Beyond health, there are tons of  reasons why you should buy organic food. Start learning about organic benefits now, which will make organics seem much more affordable in the long run.


There is a big difference between true organic products and fake organic products. Real organic products are certified to standards that help justify the higher cost. Certified farms are regularly inspected for compliance. The certification ensures that the farmer follows organic practices and that his/her farm is inspected. Fake organics aren’t certified, and only use organic terminology as a means to charge customers more money for goods or to create buzz around their “organic” product.The absolute best way to save money on organics is to only buy the real deal in the first place because otherwise, you’re simply throwing your hard-worked money away on a fake product. Know your food, know where it comes from, and know you can TRUST IT. Here at Trussler’s Harvest, we walk the land that your food is grown on, everything we do it done with love, care, and a certified organic label so that you can know that your food is grown in such a way that it faces real inspections and high-quality standards.

In the summer months, you can expect everything in your box to be from right here in Matheson other than some fruits that do not grow here.

ORGANIC, NUTRITIOUS, FRESH: When it comes to growing healthy, nutritious food, nothing is more important than the knowledge and dedication of Certified Organic Farmers. Certified Organic Farming builds Healthy soil. To grow healthy food, you must start with healthy soil. Finding sources of local, certified organic food is our passion here at Trussler’s Pantry and working with local farmers who share our values is something we feel truly grateful for. With the rise in big agriculture, we are being exposed to many chemicals that are affecting our health. It’s more important than ever to choose organic and change the direction of our food demand; together we will see farmers rise to the occasion. Your food choices each day affect your health — how you feel today, tomorrow, and in the future. Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. With our expanding network of certified organic farmers, Trussler’s Harvest is able to work with more and more farmers who are passionate about organic, clean, quality foods.

When you become a member of our growing food family, you are choosing to help create a healthy community and build your local economy. From the soil that nourishes its roots to the trusted hands that nurture it, we deliver great tasting, certified organic food you can feel good about eating. Our farm is located right here on the outskirts of Matheson, ON. We grow the food you receive in your box on 7 acres of premium organic soil and 3 greenhouses.


Food that is labeled “organic” has been grown or raised without synthetic chemical fertilizers, pest killers (pesticides), weed killers (herbicides), hormones, or drugs. Synthetic means that they are made in a lab. This means that farmers and ranchers who grow organic food:

  • Use only natural pest killers, such as plant oils, soap, fungus-eating bacteria, or bugs that eat other bugs.
  • Use only natural fertilizers, such as manure or compost.
  • Feed their animals only organic food.
  • Don’t give their animals antibiotics or growth hormones.
  • Don’t use genetically modified organisms (GMOs). GMOs are plants or animals whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering.
  • Don’t use irradiation, which means using X-rays or other types of rays to kill pests, change the way plants grow, or keep vegetables and fruits from spoiling as fast.
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Feeding Your Family Organic Foods

By their very nature, children are more sensitive to pesticides than adults. A child’s body continues to grow until 18, and their brain and nervous system are under development until the age of 25. We are all exposed to more chemicals than ever before, though imagine the body burden our children are now experiencing, while their systems are growing? There is enough evidence to say that organic food is better for children. Organic “It’s simply produced in a healthier way, without pesticides, fungicides, depleted soil and contaminated water sources. As my kids grow up, I want to know I’ve done everything I could to put the right things in their bodies.” Kara Trussler mother of 4 age 39.


Organic Food consumptions lower your cancer risk by 25%.This is exciting news. Finally, all the hard work is paying off feeding ourselves and our loved ones Organic goodness. These are some pretty striking results, and this is the first study of this scale to find such clear support of organic foods. The study was well designed and allowed the research team to follow up with the 68,946 participants over several years to see how their food choices impacted cancer risk while controlling for confounding variables like dietary patterns and other lifestyle factors. We still need MORE research on the impacts of how our consumption patterns impact our health, but until then I’ll be choosing organic!” Eating an organic diet may significantly lower cancer risk


The hardest part about the word “ORGANIC” is that Many farmers will tell you they are organic but they themselves don’t even know that organic starts with the seed they plant. Most of them don’t even know what GMO means, they don’t know seeds are embedded with pesticides, and many of them do not know that the fertilizers they have been using for decades are a chemical-based product (synthetic fertilizers Man-made” inorganic compounds – usually derived from by-products of the petroleum industry – nitrogen, potassium sulfate, phosphorus, etc… ). Furthermore, many of their land is contaminated and can not be “Organic” unless it has been using prohibited chemicals inputs for a number of years. Trust me I have seen this one to many times.


When signing up on Trussler’s Harvest you will experience Certified Organic produce coming directly from the farm. Our farm uses NO chemicals, NO pesticides, not even the allowable “organic pesticides”. We use good soil, sunlight and hard work. Good soil is a healthy balance of macronutrients and micronutrients, as well as microbial health. This is achieved through years of soil care and natural microbial growth over time and a farmer that understands biology and plant care. A California jury awarded $2 billion in punitive damages to Alva and Alberta Pilliod after both developed Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma from using Roundup weedkiller on their property for over 30 years. This is the stuff they put on our food.


Organic food is not really more expensive than intensively farmed foods, as we pay for conventional foods through our taxes. We spend billions of dollars every year cleaning up the mess that agro-chemicals make to our natural water supply. Go organic for a genuine more cost-effective future. You will also notice that once you start eating more whole foods, fewer processes and with a larger amount of nutrients you will need less food. Cheap food makes you hungry, pesticides disrupt hormones causing all sorts of adverse effects such as diabetes, obesity and other chronic health conditions. Bayer-Monsanto takes a colossal hit with a staggering $2 billion verdict! I don’t even know where to begin but I can say it takes a special person to take on a career in farming.  A person taking on an organically certified farm is not only special but courageous.  A farmer’s livelihood is dependent on his/her abilities and on nature.


Once the growing season begins farmers and their family’s and aids work long hours to ensure the crops planted grow throughout the season and are ready and harvested in a timely manner.  We sometimes take for granted what is required to produce the fruits, vegetables, and meats we expect to eat every day. While we are preparing for vacation time in the summer farmers are gearing up for long, back-breaking hours to make sure the crops are irrigated and weeded until harvesting commences. Organic prices are only slightly higher than conventional but a whole lot better for you. Organic farmers cannot compete with the prices of the box stores.  But then the box stores cannot compete with the freshness and the taste of organically grown produce. Here at Trussler’s Harvest, we have done all the hard work and you simply get to sit back and enjoy the bounty delivered right to your door. Did you know that that organic farming only makes up for %1.8 percent of farming in Ontario? The predominant category of certified organic and/or transitional products reported in Ontario was field crops and hay. The Organic Sector is growing but as the demand for organic fruits and vegetables has grown, the number of acres used to farm those crops has remained about the same. If we want to see more organic food choices we will need more farmers … PERIOD. Choosing organic today creates a demand locally so that more farmers will start to choose organic as their growing standards. Today’s choice affects tomorrows future, so let’s choose wisely. Kara Trussler Owner, Operator


About 3 years ago we decided to add fruit to our Trussler’s Harvest bins. It was one of the toughest decisions I had to make because I know the reality of Certified Organic and Certified Organic fruits in Ontario (not very many), but our customers wanted it and regardless they will still be going to the store to buy certified organic fruit. Here at the Pantry, we have access to an amazing variety of certified organic fruit. In the end, it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made, not only did we see customer retention, we found that people were finally signing up because we have fruit and customer satisfaction is much higher. The goal of the program is to Always Support Local First and Always Certified Organic. The truth is there is not much certified organic fruit locally, you might find one or two farmers doing fruit but they are not certified, look even further and from time to time we will come across someone that does it but their scale size is too small. This is why I started this program so that I would know the source of my food and I’m happy to share that with everyone. We source fairtrade bananas for our Harvest program… this means the farmer will be paid fairly for his work. We support Fairtrade fruits in our Winter Harvest boxes. This is one of the farmers that farms the very bananas that go into our boxes. Thank you for your hard work and commitment to the producers in Peru (Appbosa Saman), and Ecuador (Asoguabo)! Can’t wait for Winter I buy these by the case.

Local From Ontario

Grass Fed Meat

Trussler’s Pantry chooses Local Ontario Grass-Fed Meats. All the animals are allowed to pasture freely on the food that they were designed to eat. All cattle eat grass exclusively!. The farmers also practice planned pasturing, which rotates our cattle from field to field to prevent overgrazing. The farm on which the animals are raised and surrounding land also have a strict no pesticide policy, which guarantees the animals are eating a chemical-free diet. Also, because the animals are able to eat what nature intended we do not need to use any antibiotics and can guarantee fully antibiotic-free meat. Lastly, our animals are raised to maturity naturally without the use of growth hormones.

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