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Want to make sure you’re getting the healthiest organic food to your table? Discover what our Organic Harvest program is and how it will benefit you.

Organic Harvest

Sign up today and start receiving the best in Certified Organic, Local, Farm Fresh produce and fruits delivered right to your door. Your monthly payment covers a whole month of service, this includes 2 boxes delivered every month. All Harvest boxes are paid one month in advance.


Hearst, Kap, Smooth Rock Falls and Cochrane area your billing dates will be the 1st and/or the 15th. You will receive an email confirming your billing dates shortly after signing up (excluding Friday and weekends as we are closed)

Iroquois Falls, Kirkland Lake, Matheson, New Liskeard, Timmins - your billing dates will be the 10th./26th. You will receive an email from the Pantry confirming your first box and billing dates shortly after signing up (excluding Friday and weekends as we are closed)

Your monthly payment covers a whole month of service, this includes 2 larger boxes every month. Receive a Produce list via email the week Prior to delivery (please check spam folder). If you have Omits we will exchange them for more of what we have available.

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Healthy, Organic and convenient FARM to DOOR deliveries ALL YEAR ROUND. All produce is sourced LOCAL first and ALWAYS Certified Organic. You will receive a bounty of FRESH, LOCAL, CERTIFIED ORGANIC veggies and fruit in each delivery. We have worked hard here at Trussler’s Pantry to establish solid relationships with farmers and we have access to an amazing variety of organic foods to fill your bins all year round. We also include healthy, organic fairtrade fruit in your bin to keep things exciting. You will find 8-12 veggie varieties and 2 fruit varieties. We shop local first and when we can’t find it we source from other Ontario farmers who have greenhouses in the cold months. In the summer months, our Harvest kicks into overdrive and our food is sourced FRESH from right here at the farm.

Monthly - Add A Fruit Box

$175 Monthly X-Large Fruit Box 🍎
$138.50 Monthly Regular Fruit Box 🍎
$95 Monthly X-small Fruit Box 🍎

IMPORTANT: We deliver only within 15KM of each location.
Please OMIT the vegetables/fruit you DO NOT want to receive in your box. All Harvest boxes come with 8-12 varieties of veggies and 2 varieties of fruit. We will replace it with more of what we do have.
*Add farm fresh eggs. Free up to 2 dozen
*Local organic only
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Questions + Answers

FAQ For Trusslers Pantry

2 Boxes every month. Your monthly payment covers a whole month of service, this includes 2 larger boxes delivered every month. *Any month that has 5 weeks the Harvest uses this week for inventory and vacation time. Please refer to your calendar for 5 weeks of months. 

8-12 Varieties of Veggies and 2 Varieties of Fruit. Your Harvest box comes with locally sourced produce, fresh from the farms that we work with. Our source is ALWAYS Local first and ALWAYS Organic when we can’t find what we need we source from Ontario Certified Organic Farmers. Each box is packed with a beautiful variety of farm-fresh foods for you and your family to enjoy. 

Our Farm Fresh eggs are Brown in Color. All our eggs are from free-range hens that are fed Non-Gmo and Organic grains, are set out on pasture during the warm months, and raised on small traditional family farms – Matheson to be precise.

  • Non Gmo
  • Organically Fed
  • Foraged in green grass
  • Winter foraging on dried grass
  • Feed does not contain antibiotics or any medications
  • Pasture fields do not contain Pesticides and Herbicides

Omits have always been a part of our service that we are proud to offer, however offering omits is not only tedious but very time-consuming. Omits are used for dietary restrictions or diets that do not permit certain vegetables and fruits. We ask that our Harvest Members only omit produce that is prohibited on their diets/lifestyles. Our weekly newsletter with the list of produce is not intended to be a list to switch things for others every week, it is there to help you meal plan and work around your bin. We are not set up like a Big Amazon and do not have assembly machinery and computers that generate changes, everything we do is by hand.  We here at Trussler’s Pantry are not a grocery store, we work with farmers and this makes customizing your bin too difficult and taxing on our small business, please be considerate when making changes. 

We ask that you only OMIT produce because of serious reasons, such as allergies, change in diet or change in lifestyle. We thank you in advance. 

Changes must be made 48 hours before delivery to

If you choose to opt-out of eggs the Pantry will provide more veggies and fruits in replacement of your eggs.

Our Harvest is sourced fresh and for that reason, your harvest box will last well over a week. If you use the tips for storage that we include in our newsletters and write-ups you can make your box last well over two weeks. Upon sign up you will receive a laminated copy of ” How to store Organic Produce”, this should help out a lot with questions about storage.

You will receive more of what is available. Each box is packed according to value, if you omitted produce or eggs it will be replaced with items of the same value. This is not item for item, it is calculated on cost. For example, you omit Cauliflower, you may receive 2 tomatoes.

We take great care to ensure that all of our food is packed safely; if you have an allergy please let us know and we will carefully pack your bins.

There is no minimum subscription length. It’s important to us that our members want to be on our program. We do encourage all of our members to stick with it for the year to really see what a Harvest is all about, you will be able to see what beautiful bounties each season produces, you help keep your money circulating in your local economy and you secure a stable paycheck for our farmer which encourages them to continue to grow safe, clean foods for you and your family.

Yes you can skip a week. In the event such as vacations or events beyond your control you can suspend a box. One weeks notice is needed to suspended any boxes. In order for us to run a successful program that will be around for years to come we need your commitment just as we have committed to you. All changes must be submitted one week prior to delivery to

If this program does not work for you can cancel. One week notice is required to cancel any remaining Harvest boxes. We do not issue any refunds, if you have paid for a box it will be delivered. All cancelations must be received one week prior to delivery and sent to